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Um do you check your rice before you import for cheap??? Do you have QC checking this stuff?

I just bought a box on Saturday of hamburger helper crunchy taco went to open rice thank go I saw brown and moving tons of them. Either they want to fix as this ruined my husband and my only meal I have saved the box and am thinking about going to an attorney as this is sick and could have harmed my health or husband's as well as the millions you have buying your product instead of saying egg and soybean may be included why don't you add may contain bugs may be included yes your crunchy taco is being reported.but you didn't Calling the FDA. AS i TRIED 4 NUMBERS AND YOU MAKE YOUR NUMBER SO SMALL ON BOX EVEN A PERSON WITH 20/20 VISION COULDNT READ IT. hMM I BOUGHT THIS LAST THURSDAY YET WHEN DID YOU START AND WALMART START TO LEAVE EXPIRED FOOD ON THE SHELVES???

dONT YOU HAVE QC THAT GOES THROUGH THE *** STUFF i THINK i AM GOING TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY AND SUE YOU FOR PUTTING FAULTY EXPIRED FOOD ON SHELVES IN our stores and not removing it so this doesn't happen....AND WHO KNOWS WHERE ELSE. aND i AM SAVING OT TO SHOW THEM WHat betty crocker is doing and not caring bout the consumer .

Tell me this who ever packed this box did the MF decide to skip it or did you forget to rotate stock or check daTES AS i BOUGHT 8/20/15 AND IT WAS EXPIRED AND WE HAD NO CLUE AS THEY DONT SELL THAT *** BUT AT A SHELTER OR POOR PPL we dont even take foods at our food bank to help ppl. But I dont want to see others go thru the same thing So buyer beware

This reviewer shared experience about "buggy and no words can explain my loss now stuck with all hamburger helpers now going to trawsh found bugs in the cheeseburger noodels and sauce" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). azpicjammer is overall dissatisfied with Betty Crocker and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about betty crocker hamburger helper crunchy taco at Betty Crocker was bugs in closed bags huger then the riceunforgivable, cant get bc phone number and and the one on box cant be read Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I got the same thing today in mine


Found a live maggot in the cookie/brownie mix New Years Eve. After I licked the spoon!!!!


This happens.. I had the same thing years ago in a similar product.

It may have happened in transit, who knows?

Gross, yes. I contacted the company and they sent me tons of coupons for free product.

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